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Angelic messenger

April 3, 2010

From The Hidden Legacy of the Millers

A Christmas Carol and How the Grinch Stole Christmas have always been two of my favorite stories but I never expected to experience the sudden and inexplicable rip in the fabric of my existence through spiritual intervention, live and in person like you would expect to see in a performance. During the month of July in the year of 2009, I had a series of three interactions from strangers in the course of eleven days. These seemingly random encounters had an unexpectedly powerful catalytic effect on my consciousness and I was able to process their underlying encoded meanings. I had been ‘Punk’d’, errr, I mean ‘Scrooged’.

If I had only known how powerful these effects would be, I would have understood the process of integration a little bit better. But maybe that’s a part of growing up too, learning about self comfort and finding the will to give everything I have in the midst of hardship and confusion. Maybe the best place to be is when I have nothing left to give, then the choices I have been given to make become crystal clear. I choose life. The trick for me was in discovering what exactly life is and what it is not. Was it about preserving my life or placing another’s well-being ahead of mine? Which was the highest good, not for someone else, but for me?

Realizing that we are simply life becoming was a powerful enough experience to help me accept every circumstance and love everyone, no matter what. Finally, I became free enough to accept myself, equal to the stars and better than no one. This was a most difficult lesson to learn. I have always wanted to arrive here but thought that the goal was too far away in the distant heavens and an inconceivably impossible achievement during this lifetime on this planet.

Maybe that’s what Ebenezer Scrooge realized. Maybe we can’t really understand the scope of his challenges and subsequent commitment to life without undergoing similar circumstances. Somehow during the night he traveled from a self-loathing existence and found another Ebenezer, this one capable of self-love and the will to share it. No matter what happened next, no matter what anyone did with his love, no matter if punishment or reward were the result, it really didn’t matter. Life became an exercise in serving others rather than being served.

How is this done, you ask? How do we reconnect our heart centers to the one heart? How did I go from self-loathing to finally trusting in MYSELF and Divine Oneness?  I couldn’t possibly explain it, not in a million zillion years. For me, luck has nothing to do with it and no matter how much I begged and screamed, the resolution was only found after great pain, immense heartache, so intense that I understood that it certainly would cause my death if not relieved.

In this revelation, I came to know another identity, one that we aren’t told about, one that reveals itself in divine order. There’s something really special about these times on Earth. If we could comprehend too much of the truth, we’d be transported quickly out of this dimension. So maybe it’s better that we experience heaven a little at a time, sometimes more than other times, but never more than we can handle at once.

Timeline constructed from last week:

A week before John’s birthday, to the day, July 14 (Tuesday), I had an unusual interaction, not initiated by myself: the black man with a white bowler hat. That was the beginning of a very unusual two weeks.

  • July 22 – the day after John’s birthday, I go to Reedy Creek Community Garden and see a work crew doing utility digging, saw Don as a surprise, and the strangest thing, a man photographing me with a long range lens. He photographed me from outside the fence, then approached me as I sat under the shade of an umbrella at the picnic table and asked if he could take my picture. I gave him permission, asking “who are you with”? The reply was less than satisfactory. He said, himself, so that the story could be told. That was it.
  • July 24 – As I come back from the Urban Ministry after watering all day, entering the lobby area and going round the corner to the elevator, the receptionist is standing away from the desk answering questions from two US Army soldiers in fatigues who are asking her what kind of women come to the WIT Program.
  • July 25 (Saturday) – A man stops me as I wait for Urban Ministry to open, acting dumb, claiming that he can’t read his map directions (It was a very straight forward and simple map). He is insistent that I help him, so I do, leading in my car almost to his destination (It was less than a mile away). I ask him when his church meeting started. Eight-thirty, he claimed. It was eight-forty-five; he was only fifteen minutes late. Going back to Urban Ministry, I left, driving up Davidson Street through the CATS (Charlotte Area Transit System) compound which spreads on either side of the road. I walked the labyrinth when I got out of the car to calm myself down. Life was getting entirely too strange.

…From the first interruption by strangers to the last was, 25th – 14th = 11 days. The first and last people are black males. Both referenced religious symbology, the first talking about the moon in the sky during daylight hours being a sign as in “Revelations” that Jesus was coming back, and the second, claiming that he was lost and needing help finding a church for a meeting that he was late for. He mentioned that he was from South Carolina. That South Carolina state sign on car license plates, the moon with the palmetto palm tree, bothers me. The moon feels like it is on the wrong side of the tree to me, as if I was looking at a mirror image and if I stepped through the picture and looked at it from the other side, the moon would be on the ‘right’ side rather than the left side. Why am I comforted thinking about a palm tree with the moon on the right side rather than the left side?

Journal entry – July 28, 2009

Note to readers – If you look on the top left side of the protest letter written by the People of Project Talent in chapter ten, the second addressee is Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations. The first addressee, is Barack Obama, the first black male ever elected as President of the United States.

It was not comfortable or easy, to say the least, to comprehend, integrate encoded meanings from these interactions, and commit to sharing this information. I later crash landed at my brother’s house, which is located in South Carolina, but Sunset Beach, where I walked everyday and took pictures, including the sea turtle sculpture where I was surrounded by orbs and comforted, is in North Carolina (see figure 9). The moon in the sky, visible in the top left corner beside a single palmetto tree, both drawn in relief on a deep blue background, is the state flag for South Carolina, where I figured this all out. In another heraldic symbol, a decorated palmetto tree on a deep blue background is also the Coat of Arms for the 327th Army Infantry Regiment, allocated to South Carolina.[1]

The General Assembly adopted the current version of South Carolina’s flag on January 28, 1861. This version added the Palmetto tree to the original design by Colonel William Moultrie in 1775 for use by South Carolina troops during the Revolutionary War. Colonel Moultrie chose a blue color which matched the color of their uniforms and a crescent which reproduced the silver emblem worn on the front of their caps. The palmetto tree symbolized Colonel Moultrie’s heroic defense of the palmetto-log fort on Sullivan’s Island against the attack of the British fleet on June 28, 1776. [2]

[1] South Carolina State House Student  Connection, Picture,“Seals, Flags, House & Senate Emblems”,

[2] Wikimedia, Picture, “327th Infantry Division Coat of Arms”,

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