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Cleaning up my act

April 23, 2010

OK folks,

I’m ready to rock ‘n roll with you now. It’s taken a disturbance in the field to knock loose enough chaff from the wheat for me to understand why I am here. In order to straighten things out, for just a minute, imagine that you are taken out of time to a place of no time. This land is strange but inviting. You have never felt so welcome. The truth is here.

You’ve been given some dreams that seem, somehow, to foretell the future, but you don’t know why you have visions, or know when they will occur in real time. Instead, deniability of the dreamscape is easier to bear than the action of revelation, but denial is repression of life. It takes more effort to speak than to not speak, but to not speak causes a slow death, clearly evident in the patterns of wasted efforts leading to sadness and pain.

Who would believe you and what happens if you start telling your truth. Will you be tarred and feathered, or worse, isolated and rejected. What if? What if there were a solution? What if you started living your life like it didn’t matter what anyone else said or did? What if you just walked across the rainbow bridge and started fresh? What would it look like?

Now you know how it feels to be me.

From the land of love,


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