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Planet X

April 23, 2010

Alright everyone. I’ll have to come clean about my dreams and stop withholding just because it’s not comfortable to prophesize. Many years ago, I dreamed about a planetoid like object coming close to Earth, setting off massive winds and unleashing catastrophic destruction. I assumed at the time that it had some prophetic meaning, but couldn’t quite get my head around the implications other than personal dream interpretation of the event juxtaposed to intrapersonal and interpersonal work.

Now, that I’ve found Zetatalk and have found comfort in the ning network, Earth Changes and the Pole Shift, I must begin acquiescing to truth instead of running from unpleasant realities confronting me at this time. I can escape danger by facing danger. In the dream, the vision of the very large object in our solar system was so frightening that I literally could not speak for a few seconds, the reaction of a frozen mammal. Preparing to scream, I could only suck in air, wondering if even those few moments would take too long to escape. The sheer panic that overcame me was unusual and forceful.

I believe that it is now time to prepare for the arrival of Planet X. See Clif High of Half Past Human, Zetatalk, and Earth Changes and the Pole Shift.

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