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Rainbow Bridges

April 26, 2010

José Arguelles describes the global memory matrix or noospheric thinking regulator which congruently follows the donut shape between the electromagnetic radiation belts surrounding the Earth found and is also known as the Psi Bank. Its function is to regulate all of the different thinking layers that exist. José is helping to facilitate the “Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge”, a phenomenon which can be telepathically created in 2012 by many humans synchronizing their brain waves and affecting the electromagnetic field. Stretching the Aurora Australis and the Aurora Borealis will cause a Rainbow Bridge to appear from pole to pole. The Norse prophecy of Odin calls the phenomenon a Bifröst Bridge.[1]

When humanity sees the Rainbow Bridge, star beings and ancestors will be able to cross over. The visualization that José teaches has a maximum effect upon the bridge every July 25, called “The Day Out of Time”. In 2012, “increasingly large groups of human beings who are willing to be telepathic biopsychic electromagnetic batteries in unison with each other around the earth, projecting the same vision and holding that”, will spring the “Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge”. The power of this positive new construction will be universal, irreversible, and greater than the atomic bomb.[2]

[1] José Arguelles,, Video, “2012 Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge – Part 1”,

[2] José Arguelles,, Video, “2012 “Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge – Part 2”,

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