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Cure for the poisoned apple

April 29, 2010

Pictures taken on January 20, 2010 reveal that I was definitely not alone while recovering at the sea shore. Low on energy, I had shortened my usual walk, sat down on the beach to take pictures of myself for a memoir and turned around to go home, discovering at the car that my sunglasses had been lost. Recognizing my higher self signaling ‘heads up’ and understanding that my job was to find them immediately, I lovingly complied.

The sun had just set but there was plenty of light. Still, how does one find a pair of glasses on the sand?  Walking back, I felt an overwhelming presence, a unified consciousness comprised of numerous beings of light, teaching me about energy. I had not picked a particular spot to sit on the beach; the spot had picked me and it was my job to find the good energy that had drawn me to it. I also felt the presence of a ‘craft’ above me but all that could be seen was a particular cloud formation. An image and words formed in my mind: ‘sky turtles’.

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When I understood, really comprehended the profundity, the love behind the efforts to communicate with me last summer, long blocked channels aching to be released, opened up a landslide in my heart and I wouldn’t stop writing until my mission was accomplished. Communication is a priceless gift, an ultimate act of love and this is my gift to you. Welcome to my family and the greater human family. Our joyous reunion has been anticipated with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Mankind’s mutual consent to the dominant reality is an addiction leading into horrific heartache and unnecessary suffering. Please do not allow a few to suffer tremendous grief in order to spare the entire population a normal life. Inevitably, the path culminates in passivity, apathy, disintegration, and death for the human species on Earth as we know it. Living is better than dying, even if by living, we have to fully face the error of former ways and take responsibility for difficult circumstances, stand up to the matrix, disconnect from its standard source of power, surrender to a natural state of consciousness that renders the whole entire universal package as obsolete, and consciously enter into a sacred relationship with the divine self.

No sky is the same, ever. There are red skies and blue skies, turquoise skies and sunset skies, misty morning skies and even moonlit daytime skies. What sky do you see outside your window right now?

No sky is ever the same, but there is one sky, one pair of arms, one voice that will draw you divinely into Never Never Land. Now I know that being in Peter Pan’s world with Alice in Wonderland like qualities might not sound like a walk in the park, well, not one that would generally be thought of as sane or desirable, or healthy even. But sometimes, up is down and down is up and that’s the way it should be, for if everyone could do it, everyone would, and the desired changes would not come by choice so much as by prescription.

We are created to be able to choose and that is a most valuable asset to creator. In choosing, we define and redefine not only our realities, but our source creator as well. Creator and created are one in the same…. Taadaaaa, it is absolutely magical. No need to think about it, we just live it, most of the time without realizing that we are wonderfully divine beings!! Which sky is in your arms today?

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