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The Book of Maklumat

September 18, 2013


KEENAN: They cannot deny the fact that Dr. Seno is the heir of this trust, as stated in the documents and even the UBS statements — but they will not give the Indonesians one cent.
They attempted to circumvent Dr. Seno and Soekarno’s Trust by going direct to the Indonesian Government — with the hopes that they could find a way to eliminate the need for that Trust. This was a task impossible to do.
The Dupont family from Montreal was most recently there with some very powerful people, trying to convince the Suhartos to give them the Codes — but they did not get anything.
The very reason Seno turned to us is because we are very persistent in our quests to have returned what belongs to the Dragon Family.

KEENAN: For this reason, and the fact that people very close to Keith Scott advised him that we could help him, Keith did listen — and came forward to help. He did not hesitate in his attempt to better Indonesia’s lot.
This is how we gained copies of the Book of Codes and Maklumat/Ledgers etc… the secret codes to the Black Screens that the Federal Reserve and BIS use to print money out of thin air.
These books and Codes are currently in several places throughout the world — and will be opened up if need be.
They are not only for trading purposes to verify certain financial instruments, but they are also the best form of security for everyone involved.
Should these books be opened, the Black Screens will follow — and there will be a long line of very powerful people heading to jail.

KEENAN: Our goal is not to put people in jail. We just want to get things straightened out, so that the accounts can and will work properly for everyone — not just the chosen few, who have stolen from the accounts for far too many years now.

The IMF, the World Bank, the BIS and the many federal banks, Sarkozy, Blair, the Bushes and many others have continually used them illegally.
The Books and Codes will reveal the outright thefts that have taken place throughout the past with the accounts, and expose the thieves — but our real reason for needing it was to authenticate the stolen bonds.
  1. Gabreal Jones permalink

    Very essential Piece of Information (PI)!

    Probably a printer’s gremlin crept in. The Suhartos should be the Sukarno’s. Suharto is the CIA backed general who removed President Sukarno from Office.

    CIA O

    • Thank you for pointing this out. In a world were names are tools of controlling forces, one must not fall under any erroneous spells/spellings…lol, when seeking truth.

      • Gabreal Jones permalink

        By Wayne Madsen: Obama’s CIA “Mommy Dearest” — identifying Indonesians for assassination –

        (…) President Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, worked in Indonesia for a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) embassy cover operation that helped identify some 5000 key members of the Indonesian Communist Party — Partai Komunis Indonesia(PKI) that were targeted for assassination by Indonesian armed forces units, of which her husband and President Obama’s step-father, Lolo Soetoro, was a participant. The 5000 targets’ names appeared in what was called by the CIA “the shooting list.” (…)

        (…) Lolo Soetoro was a colonel in the Indonesian armed forces and worked for the CIA-installed dictator, General Suharto, from 1965, after returning to Indonesia from Hawaii, where he married Ann Dunham, to 1970, when he joined Exxon. President Obama’s mother arrived in Indonesia to join Soetoro with young Barack Obama, Jr. in October 1967,while the CIA’s anti-PKI and anti-Sukarno “mopping up” operations were still taking place (…)
        – See more at:

        CIA O

  2. Lisa permalink

    >> “Our goal is not to put people in jail. We just want to get things straightened out,
    >> so that the accounts can and will work properly for everyone…”

    Even if they do manage to get things “straightened out”, things won’t stay that way for more than the blink of an eye unless ALL of the cabal members who are currently making things so crooked go to jail first (and remain there until the day that they die).

  3. gear13 permalink

    Not making this book public will be like conspiring against humanity or just being plain accomplis of the cabal itself sometimes I wonder if it is in our nature to continue suffering knowing that we or someone else could do something to prevent anymore harm to the most affected ones on the planet instead we decide to hold on to the truth. Remember that the truth should set you free.

  4. Ethyl permalink

    If they’ve stolen all this money and for so many years, WHY should they not go to jail? Are they TOO BIG TO JAIL? Because I will assure you, there are tons of normal people that have stolen one time, the teeniest tiniest fraction of what these people have done, and they are in jail for years and years. It almost seems like the bigger the crime, the bigger the chance you won’t have to pay.

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