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Transylvanian Sunrise published in US by Peter Moon of Sky Books

November 16, 2013


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T S Flash

From → Archaeology

  1. We would like to express our gratitude, for those capable and able to keep moving forward in the stages of life honorably.

    And yes, the second coming will always find you facing yourself in amazement!


    Because each stage of life, were created to be just amazing individually eternally!

    Whether from the first instance thereof, or seconding coming thereof, or eternally forthwith thereafter-ward.

    Welcome to the greatest adventure of all life times every time, that all walks of life cognitively arise from honorably.

    • I am so moved…thank you for your kind words of encouragement. They are much needed at this time.

  2. To those willing & those with the ability, all walks of life will continue to reflect perfect conditions, which express the infinite possibilities each are perfect for!

    Let us arise honorably, amongst those reasonably speaking, willing to pass every stage of life honorably!

    Let nothing dissuade you from honor!

    Let none tempt you by lesser beings constrained by free choices otherwise.

    May your choices reveal your reach into the infinite possibilities available to all walks of life honorably!

    And, wherever you sojourn, may you always find yourself facing each choice, with more choices to keep honor!

    Doing so, will reveal the glory of the creative architecture of life, ever ready to beckon another opportunity of life, ready to serve every stage honorably thereof!


    Most graciously,””In Honor We Trust.’

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