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Because authentic revolution begins on the inside, succumbing to fear, laying blame on outside forces, or fanning the flames of political revolution represent outmoded vehicles which can not and will not carry the human species safely through the corridor which it currently faces. Living a love centered life will contribute the change, pennies in the bank, for the children of tomorrow. The human collective is evolving a higher dimensional co-creative entity, a collective consciousness made accessible by listening to the heart’s intelligent guidance system, a mapmaker activated by the higher self. By applying love and inner transformation daily regardless of outer circumstance, individuals contribute to a spiritual piggy bank providing rainy day funds when difficulties are encountered.

Through the miraculous clockwork of the Universe, we are being gifted an opportunity to free ourselves from the sarcophagus of the global oligopoly and from the social institutions which clone robotic mindsets. We have not been abandoned. By individually expanding our conscious awareness, we facilitate the collective to creatively, playfully adjust to dynamic incoming frequencies which are propelling the human species up the spiral of evolution.

If humanity collectively saved enough needed change in a piggy bank, what could we buy: a new car, a new house, new clothes? What if we all collected enough pennies in the bank so that our combined global efforts manifested a new reality, one vastly different from the current times? What would the picture look like, your best dreams and those of your neighbors painted onto the same canvas? Would it look like a pleasant collage, a smorgasbord of delights, or a hellish nightmare frightening to behold?

We can begin by pretending that our future dreams are already here in this present reality because they are. After all, there’s really no such thing as time. It’s just an illusion played out on the fields of timespace. Everything is happening in this precious holy moment NOW and we travel to this infinite spacetime place often in our dreams. We are so much more than we seem. Let’s imagine the future as brightly as we can behold and then, some day very soon, the reality of our dreams might just come about in time.

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