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In this blog, I will share lessons and insights, helping readers to understand how to embrace newly emerging light on this planet which amplifies thought forms, cleanses old patterns of negativity, and harmonizes the higher vibratory energies of the higher self with the lower frequencies of the physical self. Perhaps you will find some tools here which may alleviate some of the fear and pain in the waking up process, facilitating movement through natural stages of resistance with grace and ease.

The blog also provides updates and summaries from a spiritual perspective taken behind the scenes, documenting people, places, and events during this time of unprecedented transformation in the coming years on Planet Earth. Much previously hidden information will be coming to the surface on our precious planet. To that end, I have published a personal story entitled Love Is Patient.

‘Turn About In Time’ is completely independent and is not affiliated with any religious organization, governmental organization, or secret society.

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  2. Tip top stuff. I’ll epexct more now.

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